Offshore Capabilities


As your plastics partner, we have established a long-lasting relationship with an off-shore facilities in China. China is a significant factor in the plastics mold making industry. U.S. based plastics fabricators, mold makers, and OEMs utilize TNT Plastic Molding’s services to gain access to the best of these off-shore manufacturers.

Our knowledge of China facilities and the confidence we have in their skillsets will save you the arduous process of surveying and visiting countless low-cost manufacturers. It will also assure you the highest quality for your projects, not to mention the cost advantages that will be passed on to you—providing more products for your money.

The quoting and negotiating process with China manufacturers can severely delay your project. We bridge your cultural and language gap between the U.S. and China,
ensuring your project is completed according to your requirements, helping you to bring the product to market more quickly. We will take care of all import/export logistics, including documentation and arranging the best freight rates for your imported tools and parts.